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VoucherCart is a flexible sales engine that allows businesses of all types and sizes to sell their products and services everywhere, with embedded loyalty, as vouchers, gift cards, memberships and tickets.

The platform provides product and service-providing businesses with a fully automated multi-channel eVoucher promotion and sale platform. Used by leading hotels, spa & beauty salons, restaurants, leisure businesses, and retail businesses, VoucherCart enables businesses to create unique, branded vouchers that constitute either general credit, or are specific to products or services. Vouchers can then be published for sale and promoted online via websites, social media pages, and email, and then redeemed by customers.

Press releases

VoucherCart Gift Card and Voucher tech company announces support for...

Leading cloud-based voucher and gift card tech provider VoucherCart rally to the aid of businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis, by offering cost... read more

24.03.2020 • By VoucherCart Ltd